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Profit from freelancing

Freelancing is one of the best areas that help people profit from the Internet and strive for financial independence, and its popularity has increased in the Arab world in the last ten years, especially after the launch of Hassoub Company, the two largest independent Arab freelancing platforms and Five, in addition to far the best electronic platform For remote employment.

Freelance work is a system that depends on the tasks, services and works carried out by certain people, called (Freelancers), during their cooperation with multiple clients. A freelancer is a person who has certain skills that he invests in providing paid services that clients need.

Advantages of earning from freelancing

Self-employment allows freelancers to do business for their own account without committing to a specific job for a long period of time, and gives them a smooth and enjoyable lifestyle. With this, freelancing has become more popular than ever, and a career option preferred by many internet users, and this leads us to talk about the advantages of earning from freelancing.

You are the boss of yourself

Unlike traditional work, freelancing gives you complete freedom in the specifications of the work you want and the choice of tasks and responsibilities that you can perform, in addition to selecting the clients you want to communicate with, agreeing on the appropriate wage for what is required to be accomplished, and determining the period of time during which you can complete your work.

Consider yourself the CEO of your company, it's time to set the work rules that suit you without coercion from anyone. If a client asks for a difficult or low-paid job, you will not be afraid to reject it as long as it does not fit your aspirations. But you have to be able to manage time and tasks and take responsibility without complacency, no boss here obliges you to do so.

Create a routine that works for you

Tired of the full-time daily routine in the workplace? Are you bothered about coming to the company every morning and fed up with your boss complaining that you were a little late for meetings, for example? Have you thought about working for a company that aligns with your lifestyle? If the answer is “yes”, then freelancing is a great fit for you.

. Profit from the Internet through e-commerce

I can't take an article talking about ways to profit from the internet at the moment and I don't put e-commerce in the forefront. It is known to everyone that e-commerce is no longer just an option, but a necessity and a solution to a problem that all human beings suffer from now.

Reasons why starting an e-commerce business is an excellent choice right now

    The outbreak of the Corona virus, which made most people prefer shopping without direct contact with others, and by the way, this will not change with the end of the crisis.

    The online buying experience is easier, more flexible and time-saving.

    There are plenty of platforms that offer great solutions that make the experience of creating a store easy and simple for everyone (we'll cover that later).

    Recently, governments have become supportive of the idea of ​​buying and paying online.

It is worth noting that the idea of ​​e-commerce is one of the most important ways to profit from the Internet, and the idea is simply that you will sell products through the Internet.

This product can be tangible or intangible, and services can be sold instead of products as well, and the great thing is that you don't have to own a product at all.

Steps to Getting Started in E-Commerce

     Choose one of the e-store ideas.

     Determine the source from which you will get the product, will you buy it from a factory or supermarket, or you will manufacture it yourself or you will get it by dropshipping.

     Build your online store, and set it up to start selling with it.

     Market your online store to generate sales.

     Start selling through your online store and make profits, and always work on developing your business.

What is the best and easiest option to get started in e-commerce and why?

In fact, like the world of technology and the Internet, which is very flexible... this is how e-commerce is characterized by flexibility and provides many options.

For example, there are a lot of simple and easy options for getting started in e-commerce (I will cover one of them in a separate point below).

But here we will talk about the professional options, i.e. creating an independent professional store and selling through it, but even this case has a lot of options, the most important of which are:

    Use of e-commerce platforms.

    Hire a professional programmer to work the store.

    Using WordPress and WooCommerce.

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But what is the best professional option, which you can start in the fastest and easiest way?

The easiest and best option in my opinion is to use e-commerce platforms, if you want to start directly with one of the best e-commerce platforms. I highly recommend you to use the wonderful Shopify platform, for the following reasons:

    Shopify is the world's number one e-commerce platform, trusted and secured by millions of users.

  •     It has a lot of e-commerce solutions that suit anyone who wants to sell online in any way.
  •     It has a free trial period to ensure the quality of the service.
  •     It has a great support service.
  •     In it you will find all the features and features you need.
  •     The price is very fair compared to the quality services you get.
  •     The platform is easy to use and in minutes you can set up your online store with it.
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